Friday, October 12, 2012

Ulta Haul/Smashbox Review

Ahhhh, today was a good day.

Finally after like 2 years of questioning, ULTA opened in my town. Today they had their soft opening which apparently isn't as grand as a GRAND opening but you could still get unnecessary makeup goodies and leave happy...which is exactly what I did. 

Mmm so let's get on with the pictures!

Left - Right: 
Essie "Mint Candy Apple", Essie "Splash of Grenadine", 
Butter London "Trout Pout", Tarte "dollface", Smashbox "Focal Point"

I really want to focus on "Focal Point" by smashbox...focus on "Focal Point"? Oh dear lord. I want to TALK about "Focal Point"...mleh.

This palette didn't really catch my eye at first, but when I looked at it closer and swatched it I literally fell in love. 

I'm surprised I picked this palette because for some reason some part of me associates glittery eyeshadow with the crappy makeup you get for 8 year olds...or vegas show girls. I'm definitely more of a matte type of girl so I tend to stay away from anything that sparkles like Edward Cullen in the sunlight.

Although, I digress. I like this palette simply because the shadows are so pigmented and they are so creamy and glide on smoothly.

I took swatches both indoors and outdoors



The lightest shade, Champagne (bottom or far left), and the darkest shade, Java (top or far right), are what I expected. Champagne is a little lighter and sparklier than I expected but as a highlight shade it's not THAT outrageous. 

However, Flamingo, the medium shade (obviously in the middle), was a complete surprise to me. I've been on the hunt for a coral colored shade after seeing a post on Pinterest (which I now cannot find) because the makeup was stunning. It was white, light gold, and coral with winged liner...that description did not do it justice. I'll try to find the picture and post it later.

ANYWAYS. I immediately "oooo-ed" when I swatched this color. Obviously in the pictures it comes off a little harsh and orangey but with a light application this color will be gorgeous. In person the color is a beautiful pinkish-orange color but with, I would guess, a pink base. 

Ahhh. That description doesn't do the color justice so if you're at ULTA or maybe Sephora just check this palette out. 

Good gravy I've done a lot of unnecessary rambling. 
I have one more thing to share and then I won't subject you to anymore of my gibberish. 

I got these shoes the other day at Target. They're adorable. My mother hates them but I love them! 

Have you ever purchased something your mother absolutely hated? 
Leave a response and have a fabulous day!


  1. Adoring the Essie nail colours!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  2. Ah thanks guys! I'm so happy people actually view my blog!

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  4. Lovely Blog! Fab smashbox shades - I REALLY want them now ehhe You've inspired me hehe
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