Thursday, October 11, 2012

...and the rambling begins

Hmmm. How do you start a new blog post? I guess I’ll just launch myself into this thing and see how it goes.
I’m Kelly if you haven’t read the handy side bar. A little random background info shall we?
  • I’m a floridian. I don’t like the cold..I’m a warm weather person..well, more like a mid 60’s to mid 70’s kind of person. 
  • I seriously might have a shopping addiction so don’t judge. THIS IS A NO JUDING ZONE!
  • I don’t have the best spelling/grammar skills. I’m a terrible speller and usually have a hard time translating ideas to words
  • …and I overuse the same adjective multiple times because I have no creativity. 
  • I’m a master procrastinator.
  • I love astrology and read my horoscope everday. (I'm a Leo and definitely a strong one at that)
PLAN for this blog to be about random fashion crap and my lame life.
I’m gonna try to do one post a day, hence, but as said before, I’m a procrastinator but I’ll do my best.
…I feel like that was a terribly long introduction. Mleh. Whatever. 

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