Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Be A Budget Shopper!

Hello loves!

Obviously if you read the title of this handy dandy blog post you'll know I'm going to be talking about budget shopping!

Now budget shopping can be finding great deals, shopping sales racks, going thrifting, or even plundering yard sales.

Budget shopping is VERY important to me since I am a starving college student with a limited income (I have a part time job AND go to school). I've learned from a very young age never to pay full price for an item.

I was recently browsing on Pinterest and came across these adorable jeans from Anthropologie and was all set on buying them until I found out they were $178.00 USD.

WHAT?! Um...no. Simply stated I did not order them. I knew I could find them somewhere else.

So. The other day I was at target picking up some new liquid foundation and I always make time to meander through the clothing section.

I love shopping at Target because you can find every day essentials (i.e. sweaters, plain shirts, layering tanks, t-shirts) and they're all pretty affordable.

Anyways. I was just strolling and I found a pretty much identical pair of polka dot jeans for $23.00 USD. Needless to say, I got them.

Anthropologie Jeans $178 USD
Target Jeans $23 USD

The only real difference between the jeans is that the jeans from Target have white dots on a grey background and the Anthropologie jeans have the dots on a navy/blue background.

I don't really care what background the dots are on. I knew that I HAD to get them so I did.

The luckiest finds are the ones you happen upon so check budget stores often. 

What are your favorite budget stores to shop in?  Leave a reply and have a fabulous day!


  1. Love a good bargain, and those jeans look just as good as the more expensive. They're very cute! When i shop online, i love using a site called shopbot. It finds what i want, and brings up everywhere its sold in order of cheapest to most expensive. Very cool.

    1. That is pretty awesome. I'll definitely have to try it out. Is it just for online stores or do they offer stores where you can physically go? I always have a hard time shopping online because of the sizing.